(2016 TO 2017)

Environment is responsible for creating conditions suitable for the existence of a healthy biosphere on this planet. Our life is dependable upon the environment; its absence causes many adverse and harmful effects. Without sustainable environment and natural resources, one cannot survive. Human existence on the earth will be endangered if we do not change out hostile attitude towards nature. Therefore, it is better to mend our ways and live in harmony with nature. People today, especially the young people, are concerned about the environment. So, it is important to conserve our nature   by academic co- curricular activities.

Under collaboration with the Kerala State Biodiversity Board, a  Biodiversity Club is functioning in the college, the main objective of which is to carry out programmes for conservation of local biodiversity in accordance with the Sate Biodiversity Acts. Under the Patronage of the Principal, K.S.M.D.B College Sasthamcotta , the  Department of  Botany  is entrusted with the activities of the Biodiversity Club. Mrs. Dhanya S.R , Assistant Professor of the Department of Botany  is the Co-ordinator of the activities of the Club in the College.

The main objectives of establishing the Biodiversity Clubs include

  • In association with BMCs conduct biodiversity
  • Involve in the activities of forming People’s Biodiversity Registers
  • Assessing the local biodiversity and come up with programmes on

Benefit sharing of biodiversity resources in association with BMCs

  • Conducting awareness programmes on biodiversity conservation
  • Equip younger generation to create biodiversity awareness in the


  • Help to materialize Biodiversity conservation plans proposed by BMC of

the area.

The unit of Biodiversity Club was started in K.S.M.D.B College Sasthamcotta during the year 2016-2017. The formal inauguration of the Biodiversity club was done on 26/8/2016  by Dr.T.S Swapna, Principal Scientist,  Kerala State Biodiversity Board, Thiruvananthapuam. Biodiversity Club , Kumbalathu Sankupillai Memorial Devaswom Board College, Sasthamcotta, organized a seminar  titled “Biodiversity  Conservation” on 26th August 2016 Dr. Latheesh .D, Principal, K S M D B College, inaugurated the session and in the inaugural address, the Principal pointed out the importance of biodiversity conservation  and initiatives undertaken by Biodiversity club.

Organizational  structure    of  Biodiversity club.

Patron                                  : Principal of the K.S.M.D.B  College

Coordinator                        : Mrs. Dhanya S.R, Asst. Professor in Botany.

Executive committee        : Dr. Mini Chandran.C ,Associate Professor in    Zoology,

                                                  Dr. Geethakrishnan Nair.P, Asst.Professor ,  Dept. of Botany,

                                                  Dr. Susmi Sabu, Asst. Professor ,Dept.of  Sanskrit.


Student participation in floristic study at the college  level is essential for the longevity and expansion of  Biodiversity, Botany, Plant ecology, and their many associated fields, but knowledge and college course options have been decreasing. In many cases students are unaware of the botanical biodiversity that is right in front of their eyes. We started a project called Flora of D.B College  Campus , which provides students with hands-on outdoor fieldwork as an engaging and effective way to experience Floral diversity  first hand. In 2016-17, 12 students participated in this project. This project strongly increased the students’ knowledge of local plants and floral diversity.


 A book titled “Campus Flora” written by Dhanya S,R , Asst. Professor in Botany was published on 26 th August 2016 at Digital Seminar hall, K.S.M.D.B College Sasthamcotta. The meeting was presided over by Principal Dr. D. Latheesh, chief guest of the day was Dr.T.S Swapna, Principal Scientist,  Kerala State Biodiversity Board, Thiruvananthapuam released the book by handing over the same to our principal. our club members like Ms Jincy, Ms Johina Raj, Ms Renjini and Ms Anjana. Dr. Susmi Sabu, Asst. Professor in Sanskrit and extended great support to this venture.