College Level Monitoring Committee (CLMC)


The College Level Monitoring Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the First Degree Programmes, ensuring minimum instructional days, making arrangements for ESE (University Examinations) of various semesters etc. This Committee shall consider all the complaints not redressed by the DLMCs. While considering the complaints, by the CLMC, the College Union Chairperson shall be included as an invitee.

1Prof. (Dr.) K. C. PrakashPrincipal and Professor
2Dr. Savitha M.T. Convenor & Head, Department of Mathematics
3Ms. Sandhya C Vidhyadharan Head, Department of English
4Mr. Arunkumar R Head, Department of Physical Education
5Dr. S. Deepa Head, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry
6Dr. Renusree S. Head, Department of Commerce
7Dr. Susanth S. Head, Department of Sanskrit
8Ms. Lakshmy Devi C.S. Head, Department of Economics
9Dr. Rathika Nath G Head-in Charge, Department of B Voc
10Mr. Aathman A.V. Head, Department of Malayalam
11Dr. P. Geethakrishnan Nair Head, Department of Botany
12Dr. Manju M. Head, Department of Zoology
13Dr. Ajayan T Head-in Charge, Department of History
14Dr. Dhanya L. Head, Department of Hindi
15Dr. Remya R Head, Department of Physics
16Dr. Anish K. Head, Department of Political Science
17Dr. Dileepkumar R. Head in Charge, Department of Statistics
18Dr. Ajesh S. R Elected Member, College Council
19Ms. Ragi R G Elected Member, College Council
20Dr. Sandeep S. Elected Member, College Council
21Ms. Sunrima K V Elected Member, College Council
22Lt. Dr. T. MadhuNCC ANO