Co-ordinator: Dr Susmi Sabu, Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), a joint initiative of General and Higher Education Departments, was launched with an objective to impart quality skill education to the higher secondary/undergraduate students alongside their regular curriculum. Funded by ADB, ASAP has now spread out its contours to 1210 educational institutions across the state, and KSMDB College is one among them. The very philosophy of ASAP as a skill development agency is to accentuate the employability of the youth. ASAP gives a special edge to those students who are in need of immediate employment. For the needy, ASAP lays out a way to find a living by ideally placing them in an organization. ASAP trainees shall undergo a mandatory soft skill training programme of 180 hours. The module includes 100 hours of communication skills and another basic IT module of 80 hours.  The foundation module helps students improve their presentation skills, boosts confidence and aids in personality development.  A skill-development course training of 120 to 250 hours is carried out at various Skill Development Centres across the state.  The regular mode of training promotes soft skills in students and offers training in industrial skills.  A maximum of 35 students can be enrolled from an institution every year. Training is timed as prior to or after the regular class schedules to suit the convenience of the institution, students and the professional trainer appointed by the ASAP.