The college endeavors to encourage the faculty and other academic staff members to undertake consultancy projects with Industry, Government and Non-Government Organizations, other educational institutions, communities and individuals.  This document sets out clear guidelines for the principles and procedures governing Consultancy projects that can be undertaken by the staff of the college, the support and reward that the college offers to staff who are engaged in Consultancy and how this activity will be developed and managed by the institution.

Policy Statement:

The college recognizes that Consultancy activity by Staff Members is a significant platform for the dissemination of its knowledge, expertise, research outcomes and resources for the advancement of the society and economy with the benefits:

  • The generation of income revenue which is used to enhance the efforts of the College towards innovation and to create further economic impact.
  • Improved research impact through the direct application of research and the enhancement of research strategy informed by trends in the industry and economy.
  • Improved teaching through exposure to the latest trends and needs of the industry and society.
  • Create and enhance relations between the College and external organisations such that it will amplify research opportunities and placements of students.
  • Augmentation of the professional experience of the Staff by working with the Industry and updation of the academic competence and expertise of the Staff Member.
  • Development of the economic and social context in which the college conducts its knowledge exchange.

It is the responsibility of each member of staff to familiarise themselves with the Consultancy Policy and Procedures and ensure they comply with its processes and procedures.  It is the responsibility of each Consultant to ensure that the College should be properly acknowledged in publications produced out of the results of the Institutional Consultancy and also that a copy of the published work should be submitted to the College.

Distribution of Income

Members of staff may receive their fee for Institutional Consultancy as personal income via payroll. All the income generated in this consultancy will be distributed as 80% to the Consultant and team and 20% to the College.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute remaining unresolved, it shall be dealt with by the Court of law located within the jurisdiction of the College.  The clause regarding dispute resolution should be in the built-in Memorandum of Understanding/Memorandum of Association to be entered with the party while undertaking the Consultancy project.