Scholar Support Programme (SSP) is a part of the of the ‘New Initiatives in Higher Education’ instituted by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala with a view to impart personalized additional support to needy students through tutorials, study materials, additional lectures, question banks and interactive sessions, The Directorate of Collegiate Education is responsible for implementing the programme.  Funds are allotted to colleges for the implementation of  the programme.   It follows the guidelines provided by the  Department of Higher Education.  Students who have scored less than 60% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination and  those who need some additional support in identified subjects alone are to be included in the programme. In the event of difficulty in identifying such students, students having the lowest percentage of marks in the qualifying examination from among the applicants may be selected.  The college council is the governing committee for  monitoring and assuring the proper implementation of the programme through periodic assessment on the progress and improvements.  The selection of the subjects under this scheme is opted annually by the analysis of the results of the college in the previous year. A governing committee monitors the activities and implementation of the programme and  performs periodical assessment to evaluate and suggest measures to improve its effectiveness.