The following teachers are recognized Research guides of various subjects under the University of Kerala.

Name of full time teacher with Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./D.Litt.
Whether recognised as research Guide for Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./D.Litt.
Year of Recognition as Research Guide
Is the teacher still serving the institution/If not last year of the service
Name of the scholar
Year of registration of the scholar
Title of the thesis of the for scholar
Dr. B. Beena Yes 2001 Yes G.Sreekala 2014 Nanocomposites of copper oxide and trimanganese tetra oxide enviromental and biomedical applications
Nahi.J 2014 Metal oxide nanocomposites for photodegradation of organic pollutants
Fathima Beevi.A 2015 Graphene based nanocomposites for environmental remediation
Resmi.R 2017 Synthesis and characterization of nanobiocomposites for medicinal applications
Jumna Yoonus 2018 Environmental remediation and biomedical applications of nanobiocomposites
Dr. Indose Aravind Yes 2014 Yes
Dr. A.P Meera Yes 2015 Yes Reshma R Pillai 2017 Green synthesis of nanoparticles using plant extracts and their antimicrobial applications.
Sreelekshmi P B 2017 Nanocomposites based on natural rubber and Graphene
Radhika Nath G Yes 2012 Yes Lekshmi V Kumar 2014 Biological studies on Dithiocarbamate,Thiosemicarbazide,vanilin thiosemicarbazone complexs of cobalt(II),Nickel (II),Copper(II) and Zinc (II)
Jisha Majeed 2015 Application of zinc metal complexes as nanoprecursors
Sereen Thomas 2015 Synthesis of zinc chalcogenide nanoparticles from thiocomplexes
Sunitha 2016 Determination of Chemical components and  evaluation of  biological activities of Indian medicinal plants
Dr. Suma N.D Yes 2022 Yes
Dr. Sandeep S Yes 2020 Yes SaneeshKumar N 2021 Synthesis and characterization of molecular imprinted polymer for the selective separation and controlled delivery of alkaloids and other bioactive molecules:Computational and experimental approach
Dr.Suresh Kumar Yes 2009 2020 Dayana.S 2013 Retail Banking in Kerala- A Study of Operations and Service Quality.
Maja K.Koshy 2014 A study on the impacts of migrants return on the economy of Kerala and their rehabilitation prospects
Pradeepa P 2016 Impact of Tourism on the Socio-economic transition of non-metropolitan areas in Kerala
Vidhu V.L. 2017 Problems and prospects of culinary tourism with reference to South India
Anjaly R 2019 A study on the problems and challanges of export industry in Kerala
Sumesh SP 2019 A study on the effectiveness of export promotional measures to service exporters
AKHIL RAJ 2019 Marketing Strategies for Geographically Indicated Products: A Comparative Study on Products of Kerala and Tamilnadu
Dr. Suman Alexander (SG College, Kottarakkara) Yes 2017 NA Syja S 2015 PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF COIR INDUSTRY IN KERALA
REJITHA YS 2017 Investment strategies of employees from banking and insurance sectors in kerala
Kala S 2017 Rural Entrepreneurial Empowerment of Kerala through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
JISHNU V V 2017 A study on the sickness in the co-operative sector in Kerala
Ajeesh A 2015 Gold as an Investment Option: A study on Different Dimensions
Lekshmi Prakash 2015 Role of Akshaya in Promoting E-governance Initiatives
Sreeja Bhaskaran 2016 Consumers' Perception and Behaviour Pattern -A study of shopping malls in Kerala and Dubai
Manesh S 2017 Corporate Governance in State Level Public Sector Enterprises in Kerala
Dr. Ajayan Thankayan Yes 2021 Yes
Dr. Pradeep kumar K.S. Yes 2021 Yes
Dr Sushil Kumar R. Yes 2009 Yes Padma Chandran 2012 Narrating Trauma:A Study of Select Post 9/11 Novels
Santhi U 2013 Trauma and Identity in Select Incest Narratives from India
Anusha P. 2014 Magicking the Mundane in J. K. Rowling’s Harry potter Series
Asha Balachandran 2015 Modalities of Reflexivity: A Study of Evolving Gender Subjectivity in Select Gujarati Short Stories
Sreelekshmy B. 2015 Making of the Archipelago’s History and Hegemony in Indonesian Fiction in English Translation
Sambhu R. 2017 Mapping the Posthuman Condition in Select Works of J.G. Ballard and David Cronenberg
Dr.Ajayan .T Yes 2021 Yes Sunandu Subash, , Exploring the Subaltern Voices: Role of
Vivekodayam and Kumaran Asan in the Social Transfiguration of
Kerala, Year of Registration 2022
Gopikakrishnan, Women's Organizations and Their Role in British
Malabar, Year of Registration 2023
Ananthu.R, Malayalam Cinema and Kerala Society: An
Interpretation, Year of Registration 2023
Dr. C.Unnikrishnan Yes 2020 Sreesanth S. 2016
Devi Archana 2015
John M.P.
Maya K. 2017
Rakesh R. 2016
Dr. T.Madhu Yes 2015 Yes Neethu JB 2016 Ramayanavishkaram vyatyastha sahithya roopangalil-therenjedutha krithikale munnirthiyulla padanam
Smitha GS 2016 Glocalisation O.V.Vijayan,M.Mukundan,Kakkanadan ennivarude novalukalil
Dr. Manju M. Yes 2021 Yes