Aims of the research policy

The research policy of the college is designed as a general framework within which all the research activities of faculty and research students may be carried out. The policy aims to create and nourish a research culture among the members of the faculty and students, with a view to enrich the professional competence of the faculty, to develop and promote research aptitude of learners, and to create a conducive environment for research activities in the college.

Scope of the research policy

This policy shall apply to all the researchers of the college including all members of the staff, students registered in the research departments of the college, and all departments of the college. This policy shall apply to all research-related activities coming under the purview of the staff and students of the college. The policy covers publication and presentation of the research outcomes and related activities which are meant to make research socially relevant. It also includes knowledge compilation and helping the researchers to gain access to new fields of research, resources required for research and to enable peer review of their research activities.

Objectives of the research policy

  • To create an environment fostering a research culture by providing the required support to the researchers
  • To improve and strengthen the institutional capacity for enabling research in various disciplines.
  • To help researchers procure funding options available to teachers and students, through schemes leading to knowledge development, to facilitate research.
  • Ensure publications in quality journals
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research and collaborations to translate research into socially useful and feasible projects.
  • To provide a common format for the proper coordination of all research activities of the college so that they are aligned to the desired parameters.
  • To guide faculty members in the effective integration of research themes with curriculum enrichment activities.
  • To identify and keep the researchers informed about research opportunities announced by Government organisations, industry or any research organisation.
  • To encourage and facilitate the dissemination of research output through workshops, seminars, guest lectures etc.
  • To make researchers aware of the ethical and legal norms to be followed in research.
  • To ensure that the academic staff engage in the desired proportion of teaching, research and consultancy output, on a regular basis.

Composition of Research cell

To ensure adequate output in research component, a Research cell is constituted in the following composition:

Policy and guidelines

  • Faculty members of KSMDB College are expected to undertake research projects leading to quality publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • A green channel to be configured in the college office to speed the registration, scholarships and related matters of research scholars.
  • Research / collaborative project proposals should be screened and assessed at the college level before submission, as a part of our policy on quality assurance.
  • The researcher shall present the work before the research committee prior to pre-submission and open defense.
  • Proper implementation of research projects funded by various national, state, or international agencies should be ensured through periodic monitoring and evaluation within the institution by the research committee.
  • Publication output of the faculty should be enhanced.
  • A database of research work and projects undertaken by faculty and students should be maintained.
  • Inter disciplinary / interdepartmental research projects should be encouraged.
  • Workshops and seminars to promote a research culture on campus and to make the researchers aware of the need to keep away from malpractices and plagiarism should be organised by the research committee and departments.
  • The equipment purchased under a major or minor project, upon completion should be kept in the departments and the proper utilisation and management of those would be the responsibility of the department.
  • Uploading of the project report in the college website and proper and timely closure of the report should be ensured.
  • Students should be encouraged to undertake research activities.
  • The research infrastructure should be strengthened by by means of aid from available sources.