The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments of KSMDB College. Zoology department started functioning in 1967 with the introduction of B.Sc. Zoology Degree course under the headship of Prof. S. G. Pillai (Late) along with four faculty members. The Department currently has two permanent faculty members and one guest faculty, all are Ph.D holders. Head of the department has also functioned as Board of Studies member (UG Pass) and Chairman of Board of Examiners. The Department has a good museum with rare specimens and a well-equipped laboratory. The department has maintained a good academic tradition by offering quality education. Recently in 2017 & 2019 our students have secured ranks in University examinations. The Department offers Public Health and Hygiene as an interdisciplinary Open course to the fifth semester students of other departments and Open course -Vermiculture and Apiculture to the sixth semester Zoology students. We encourage our students to take part in extracurricular activities such as arts, sports, etc. to enhance and explore their talent and skills. We also have active participation in Kerala University Youth Festivals and have bagged many prizes in various genres. The Department organizes various programmes such as seminars, awareness classes, yoga classes, observation of day with zoological and/or environmental importance. We also provide training programmes and workshops on Vermicomposting and Apiculture for students and members of Kudumbashree units of Sasthamcotta, to equip them for self-employment. Every year, the department organizes Institutional and Research lab visits, field trips, nature camps, visit to wild life sanctuaries, zoological parks, etc. for the students. During the lockdown period, Zoology Department conducted webinars and competitions for the students of this College to ensure that the students are able to participate in recreational activities and to keep them engaged during these distressing times. This department produced a large number of meritorious students who have risen to eminent positions in various fields. They include famous doctors, scientists, MP and academicians, to name a few. The Alumni of the department functions exemplarily. They are also sponsoring scholarship to the students who perform academically well and those who are in need of financial support. The teaching faculty are also sponsoring scholarships to the top mark holders of the department. Dr. Mini Chandran C. Associate Professor, is the current Head of the department.

Faculty Members

Dr. Manju M.

Dr. Manju M with 9 years of service has worked as fellow substitute in various colleges under Kerala University and as assistant professor in colleges under MG and Kerala university. Her areas of interest are Biochemistry, Histology and Endocrinology. She has presented 11 research papers in international and national conferences / seminars and published ten articles .