RashtriyaUchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) (Hindi for "National Higher Education Mission") is a holistic scheme of development for higher education in India initiated in 2013 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The central funding (in the ratio of 60:40 for general category States, 90:10 for special category states and 100% for union territories) would be norm based and outcome dependent. The funding would flow from the central ministry through the state governments/union territories to the State Higher Education Councils before reaching the identified institutions. The funding to states would be made on the basis of critical appraisal of State Higher Education Plans, which would describe each state’s strategy to address issues of equity, access and excellence in higher education.

RUSA would create new model degree colleges, new professional colleges and provide infrastructural support to universities and colleges. Faculty recruitment support, faculty improvements programs and leadership development of educational administrators are also an important part of the scheme. RUSA also supports reforming, restructuring and building capacity of institutions in participating state.


Implementation of RUSA Scheme

K. S. M. D. B college has been selected under the RUSA 2.0 Scheme. A sum of Rs. 2 crores allotted as infrastructural financial grants for Construction, renovation and Purchase under Components numbers 8 and 9. An agreement was made between Kerala RUSA- State Project Directorate on 12.02.2019 and the final Detailed Project Report has submitted on 13/06/2019. The construction and renovation work is entrusted with Habitat Technology Group, Thiruvananthapuram. The administrative sanction was obtained vide proceedings No. 149/2019/RUSA-SPD dtd23/09/2019. An agreement between agency was made on 15th June 2016 and work order to start the construction was obtained vide letter no. 149/ RUSA-SPD/2018 dtd. 14/07/2020

1 Dr.N. Babu Former Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala Former Vice Chairman,
Kerala State Higher Education Council [Chairman]
2 Dr. K. S. Anilkumar Principal in Charge [Institutional Representative]
3 Dr. R. Sushil Kumar Former Coordinator, IQAC [Institutional Representative]
4 Sri. G. Vikraman Nair GramaKarshaka Fertilizer Company [Industry Representative]
5 Sri V. P. Sreekumar Sales Manager, National paints [Industry Representative]
6 Dr. K. Jayakumar Prof & Head, University of Calicut [Academia representative]
7 Dr. B. JanardhananPillai Former Principal, K. S. M. D. B. College [Academia representative]
8 Sri. Adv. K. Somaprasad MP, Rajya Sabha [Society Representative]
9 Sri. Johney Varghese Principal, Forest Training College [State Government Representative]
10 Dr. Jayasree V. Coordinator, IQAC
11 Dr. B. Beena Coordinator UGC Planning Board
12 Dr. Jayasree V. Coordinator RUSA
1 Dr. K. S. Anilkumar Principal (in charge)
2 Nikhil Assistant Engineer, TDB,TechnicalAdvisor
3 Dr. Sushil Kumar R. Member Technical Support Group, RUSA
4 Dr. Preetha G. Prasad Member Technical Support Group, RUSA
5 Dr. Jayasree V. Institutional Level Coordinator, RUSA
6 Dr. B. Beena Purchase
7 Dr. T. Madhu Renovation
8 Prof. R. Arunkumar Construction
9 Smt. Sreeja Junior Superintendent
10 Sri. Anandakuttan Pillai U D Clerk
11 Mr.S. Amalsurya Student Representative