College Store

A college store functions in the campus so that the students can purchase stationery, books and other necessary items without leaving the campus. The store also proposes to have a coffee corner with a coffee vending machine.

Co-operative Society

D. B. College Co-operative Society No.Q.344

Membership of this society is open to the staff and students of the college. This is a primary consumer's co-operative society. It carries out the sale of consumer goods and other stationery items to its members at a margin free price.


A contractor duly chosen by the college authorities runs it. A committee constituted from among the staff and students governs general rule of the canteen.

The Staff Club - ‘Oruma’


Celebrates festivals like Onam, Christmas, etc. ‘Oruma’also provides financial aid to the family of seriously ill and deceased ministerial staff members.

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Market for Organic Farm products

Facility to buy organic products from our own organic farm


Provides hostel facility with food for women staff of the College

Staff Co-operative Bank

  • Facility to avail Interest-free loans. 
  • loan facility up to 10 lakhs at an affordable rate of interest.  
  • long- and short-term saving schemes.
  • DTP/Spiral Binding/Photocopy facility