Department of Political Science has been a part of D.B. College Sasthamcotta since 1967.It has a glorious past of academic excellence including Ranks in the University Exams in the long history of our collegeand other non-academic achievements of merit andexcellence. As an under- graduate level academic department, we have been able to contribute immensely to the learning and research in Social Science particularly in Political Science. In 2015 this department conducted a National Seminar in Social Science sponsored by UGC.

Programmes Offered

B.A. Political Science

Faculty Members

Dr. Anish K

Dr Anish K has joined the Institution in January 2021. He received his MA in School of International Relations and Politics from Mahatma Gandhi University, MPhil from Pondicherry University and Ph.D. from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Dr. Anish specialized in Postcolonial Theory, Kerala History and West Asian Studies. He has published several articles in journals, newspapers and contributed to edited volumes.

Mr. Shinoj. S

MA, MPhil, NET Specialization: South Asian Politics Chapter contribution in 4 books with ISBN and three Journals with ISSN Presented papers in 4 international conferences held respectively in Madras University Chennai, Jadhavpur University Kolkata, Christ University Bangaluru and Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam Presented papers in 10 national conferences in various institutions in the state Title of the Thesis: Nepal's Political Relationship with India and China: Post-democratization Phase (2008-2018)

Dr. Arun Shanoj D S

Dr. Arun Shanoj D S has a number of national and international publications to his credit. His area of specialization is political science. He is a dedicated teacher and committed organizer.