Report on activities arranged and conducted by the BHOOMITHRA SENA CLUB (BMC-155/KLM/14/11)

During the period 2018 - 2019

World Environment Day-2018

Regarding ‘world environment day-2018, on 5th June 2018, the BMC arranged and conducted a campaign which includes a very good procession which, proclaimed the message on pollution due to plastics in the campus as well as in the society and its remedial measures.

The procession was inaugurated by the Principal Dr. Beena K. after drinking pure water in a mud glass. Then she highlighted the importance of natural way of living and importance on regulation of usage of plastics. Dr. B.Beena, Associate Professor and senior Research Guide from department of Chemistry gave a key note address on the latest information on pollution due to plastics and she suggested some of the measures on regulation of plastic usage.
Faculty in charge
Dr. Geethakrishnan Nair P.
Head of the Department of Botany

Dr. Geethakrishnan Nair P., FIC, BMC welcomed the participants. Prof. K.R.Sankaranarayanan, Club’s convenor, Dr. Susanth S., BMC club, Ms Dhanaya S.R., convenor of Biodiversity club participated the programe .

Field visit:-‘ Wet Land Ecosystems – ‘Shethurni Myristica Swamp’

February 2nd being ‘World Wet Land Day’, BMC of our college send three student club members and they participated in the State level inaugural seminar on world wet land day at VJT hall, Thiruvananthapuram.

The BMC arranged and conducted a one day field trip for the selected 55 member students of BMC to create an awareness by experiencing some of the unique wet land ecosystems in ‘Western Ghats’ So we visited ‘Shethurni Myristica Swamp’ which is located in Thenmala in the district of Kollam. The visit was arranged with the guidance of Social forestry extension division, Kollam on 17.2.2018. Sri. N. Kanakaraj, Forest Officer, Kollam division provided necessary assistance.

The above visit helped the students to have a direct learning experience regarding the swamp ecosystem and they were very much curious to lwearn about the flora and fauna there. We saw unique endemic species of plants like Gymnacranthera frguhariana, Myristica fatua magnifica, Myristica dactyloides, Myristica malabarica, Calophyllum apetalum, Syzygium mundagam etc. The above visit was very much appreciated by the students of BMC.