The department of Botany has organized and conducted a “Campus Market ” for the agricultural produces like Banana, Tapioca, Yams, Amorphophallus, Mushrooms and other indigenous vegetables produced by the marginal farmers under a programme entitled  “Karshakarkku  Oru  Kaithangu” or a helping hand to farmers during the rampage of covid 19 pandemic along with the Krishi bhavan Sasthamcotta on 7.01.2021 with the assistance of NSS and NCC units.

The Campus market was inaugurated by Principal Dr. K.S Anil Kumar,  Smt. Binisha.R, Agriculture officer rendered all the technical support including the formations of a ‘bench mark price’ for the agricultural produces.  Dr.Geethakrishnan Nair.P, H.O.D, Botany, Sri. Aathman. A.V, NSS programme officer & Asst. Professor, Dr. T. Madhu, NCC officer & Asst. Professor gave necessary guidance for the successful conducting of campus market.

The department of Botany scheduled a monthly with the assistance of Kirshi bhavan and many of the local marginal growers were benefitted. This programme also helped the staff and students of the college to establish a direct contact with rural farmers. Rather students had an opportunity to understand the local agricultural crops and the role of farmers in a sustainable society.