• Admission to all classes is governed by the rules laid down by the Govt.of Kerala and the Universit of Kerala from time to time.
  • Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form available in the college office on payment of Rs.50/-
  • No student who has provisionally studied in an recognized school or college (including D.B, College, Sasthamcotta) shall be admitted to the college unless he/she produces transfer certificate in the proper format.
  • Students who came from other universities must produce the eligibility certificate and migration certificate before admission.
  • No student will be enrolled or allowed to attend any class until the fee due from him/ her is paid.
  • No. Student of the college will be allowed to attend any other course of study or any other institution before obtaining withdrawal from the college.
  • Any candidate who is found to have obtained admission through false representation will be dismissed and will forfeit whatsoever fees he/she may have paid.


Fee at the following rates will be collected in the office from 10.00 a to 2.30 pm on the due dates which will be announced in time.