Conformal Mapping

Conformal Mapping

Event Summary


Coordinator of the seminar:  Vishnu M,  Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, KSMDB College, Sasthamcotta

Venue: Online Platform (Google Meet:

Date: 12th March 2021, 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Resource Person: Dr. S. Babu, Former HoD, Dept.of Mathematics, University College, Trivandrum

 Number of Attendees: 86 (Including students and faculties of various colleges)

Overview of the Presentation:

 As part of the International Pi Day celebration, the Department of Mathematics, KSMDB College, Sasthamcotta, conducted a special invited talk on Conformal Mapping.

Conformal mapping is an important technique used in complex analysis. A conformal mapping on Euclidean m-space Em can be decomposed into a product of similarity transformations and inversions. Conformal mapping has many applications in different physical situations like if the function satisfies harmonic equation and Laplace equation ∆2f, then the transformation of these functions through conformal mapping is also harmonic. In this talk,  he presented a brief introduction and the types of conformal mapping. With the help of this theory and its types,  he discussed the applications and relations of conformal mapping with bilinear transformation in the complex plane.



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