Latex Typesetting

Coordinator of the seminar:  Vishnu M,  Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, KSMDB College, Sasthamcotta

Funding Support: The event was supported by funding from: Parents and Teachers Association

Venue: General Computer Lab

Date: 18th February 2021

Resource Person: Adithya GS

 Number of Attendees: 49 students

The main objective of this seminar is to prepare students to use LaTEX for type setting their BSc final dissertation. This seminar covered the following topics:

  • Typeset mathematical formulae using LaTeX.
  • Use the preamble of LaTeX file to define document class and layout options.
  • Use nested list and enumerate environments within a document.
  • Use tabular and array environments within LaTeX document.
  • Use various methods to either create or import graphics into a LaTeX document.
  • Use Theorem, Corollary, and other environments.


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