The Department of English organized LITARENA 2022 – the Annual Endowment Distribution and an Invited Talk on the topic “Straight Thinking about Queer Theory” in the Digital Seminar Hall on 30 th September 2022 at 10:00 am. The inaugural session of the seminar began with the welcome speech by Dr. Mini R Nair, Associate Professor of English. Prof. Lajith V S, Principal, KSMDB College presided over the meeting and Prof. T G Ranganathan, Associate Professor of English (Rtd) felicitated the meeting. Prof. N Kesavachandran Nair, Associate Professor of English (Rtd), Dr. Vrinda V Associate Professor of English (Rtd) and Prof. K R Sankaranarayanan , Associate Professor of English (Rtd) distributed the endowments to the students. Dr. Kishore Ram, Associate Professor and Head of the Dept. of English, MMNSS College, Kottiyam delivered the keynote address on the topic “Straight Thinking about Queer Theory” in which he discussed the emergence of the literature of the queer community to the forefront and its influence on the reading public. It was followed by an interactive session with the students. The session came to a close with Miss. Resmi R, student of 1MA English proposing vote of thanks.


1. Prof. P K Padmanabhan Nair memorial endowment for MA topper
 2020 – Leeza Varghese
 2021 – Athulya B
2. Prof. G Rajkumar memorial endowment for BA/BSc General English topper
 2021 – Sreelekshmi B (Chemistry)
 2022 – Aiswaryalekshmi (Zoology)
3. Prof. V Vijayakumar Retirement endowment for the all-rounder of the outgoing MA
 2020 – Jithin Venu
 2021 – Syam Mohan
4. Prof. V Sivarajan memorial endowment for the best project in MA English
 2020 – Leeza Varghese
 2021 – Athira P
5. Prof. T G Ranganathan retirement endowment for M A topper
 2020 – Leeza Varghese
 2021 – Athulya B
6. Siddhardha memorial endowment to the meritorious student of I MA English,
instituted by Prof. S Mohan
 2020 – Sajna Thomas
 2021 – Vaishnavi
7. Comrade C P Karunakaran Pillai memorial endowment for BCom general English
topper instituted by Prof. N Kesavachandran Nair
 2021 – Safana S
 2022 – Geethu Krishna
8. Dr. V Vrinda Retirement endowment for BA English topper
 2020 – Avani S
 2021 – Anjali S
 2022 – Midhun T

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