As  part of the world Sanskrit day celebration in 2021, the department of Sanskrit has put a step forward to a new beginning.  It was the creation of  Samskritavahini WhatsApp group. The group was started on 12.08.2021 by Dr.Susmi Sabu with the intention to enhance communicative skills of Students in Sanskrit language especially for the regular students of the Department of Sanskrit.   Every faculty is an admin of the group.  From 20.8.2021, on the world sanskrit day- the auspicious sravana purnima day- samskritavahini whatsapp group started functioning.

 Every Saturday, one of the Students from UG or PG posts an audio clip in the group.  The audio will contain a short speech on a topic such as famous treatise, famous author, Sanskrit story, etc.  Five minute long audio is prepared by the students themselves.  Each and every student of the Department is free to be a part of Samskritavahini.  Thus students can be get enough opportunity to enhance their skills to listen to Sanskrit,  to speak and to write in sanskrit.  Minor mistakes such as  errors in grammar, pronunciation etc. are corrected by teachers time to time.

It was also instructed that, students should communicate only in Sanskrit in the group.  The group is also used to circulate  information exclusively related to Sanskrit for both academic and entertainment purposes.

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