Prof. Kana M. Sureshan ,  Indian Institute of Education   and Research Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala had given us an invited talk online on the topic ‘Science and Society’ on 05/03/2022. The talk was  organised by our department in collaboration with DBT STAR College Scheme and Institution’s Innovative Council, KSM DB College. Dr. Sureshan  in his talk explored a range of topics related to science and society, including the role of science in shaping public policy, the ethical considerations surrounding scientific research, and the ways in which scientists can work with policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure that research is conducted in a way that benefits society as a whole.  He emphasized the importance of open and transparent communication between scientists, policymakers, and the public, arguing that effective communication is essential for building trust and ensuring that scientific research is used to address social and environmental challenges in a responsible and effective way.


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