As part of the Multidisciplinary National Seminar 2022, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry organized a talk on ‘Carbon  Nano Materials’ in collaboration with Department of Physics. Prof (Dr) Biju V, Department of Physics, Kariyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram was the speaker. He explained that Carbon nanomaterials are an extensive family of carbon allotropes, consisting of 0-dimensional fullerenes and quantum dots, 1-dimensional carbon nanotubes (CNTs), 2-dimensional graphene, and 3-dimensional nanodiamonds and nanohorns. Carbon nanomaterials are used in a broad range of applications due to their unique physical and chemical properties Recent advances in nanomaterial design and synthesis has resulted in robust sensing systems that display superior analytical performance. The use of nanomaterials within sensors has accelerated new routes and opportunities for the detection of analytes or target molecules. Among others, carbon-based sensors have reported biocompatibility, better sensitivity, better selectivity and lower limits of detection to reveal a wide range of organic and inorganic molecules. Carbon nanomaterials are among the most extensively studied materials because of their unique properties spanning from the high specific surface area, high carrier mobility, high electrical conductivity, flexibility, and optical transparency fostering their use in sensing applications , he said.

 In the afternoon session, students of UG and PG classes presented papers. Certificates were issued to all participants.

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