Date: 05/05/2021

Programme: Importance of intellectual property rights in academics: An overview

Department of Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry in collaboration with IQAC of the college organized a one day webinar  on “Importance of intellectual property rights in academics:An overview ‘’on 5th May 2021. The objective of the seminar wasto raise the level of awareness on IPR and promote faculties and young students to use IPR tools for protection and enforcement of their Rights.

Over 75 participants attended the webinar through online mode. Participants were welcomed by Dr. Deepa ,HOD Department of Chemistry at 10.30 am.The webinar was inaugurated by our Principal Dr.C.MiniChandran at 10.40 am with inaugural address. During her inaugural address she stressed the importance of IPR and its relevance in these times and its necessity for the advancement in research and development in India.Introduction of the speaker was given by Dr.B.Beena,Associate Professor,Department of Chemistry . The speaker Dr. Asha R (Research Officer, IUC for IPR studies, CUSAT,Kerala ) spoke on the topic of ‘Importance of intellectual property rights in academics:An overview”. Her lecture started with an introduction to Intellectual Property Laws and spanned across the different disciplines related to IPR. She pointed out that IPR is no more confined to the legal fraternity , but has spread across all disciplines because of which it has an impact and significance on arts, science, commerce, management and business. Then she discussed on different aspects of intellectual properties like industrialdesign, geographical indication, trade secret, protection of farmers’ rights andresearchers’ rights. She concluded the talk by explaining the rationale of protectionand the nature of IPR. She emphasized that IPR has to be renewed from time to timefor keeping them in force except in case of copyright and trade secrets. This session went up to 12.45 pm followed by 10 minutes of interaction with participants. The workshop was concluded at 1.00 pm by a vote of thanks by Dr. B.Beena,Convener,Research Committee.

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